PET WELFARE Resources & Signposting

Prior to the Animal Welfare Act, animal welfare law was largely reactive and action could only be taken once an animal had suffered unnecessarily. The 2006 Act introduced an important and new concept for pet owners and those responsible for domestic animals, e.g. breeders, those who have working animals or farm animals in England and Wales. This means enforcement agencies and inspectors can now act by advising and educating owners before their pets suffer. If this advice is not followed or the animal’s needs are not being met then action can be taken whether through a formal warning or in some cases a prosecution.

Animal welfare charites seek to explore and tackle the issues surrounding young people and animal cruelty. Offering education and support to help young people, and those that support them, when there is a concern about attitudes or behaviours towards animals.

BLUE CROSS for Pets: Want every pet to enjoy a healthy life in a happy home. One of the ways in which they hope to achieve this vision is by educating the pet owners of the future through free talks for schools and youth groups, as well as a range of free resources.

The Blue Cross Education Team teaches young people about pet welfare, staying safe around dogs and responsible pet ownership from an early age, to encourage behaviour change across a generation. In reaching as many children and teenagers as possible, they want to improve the lives of both future pets and their owners; stamping out cases of animal cruelty and neglect in the process.

For further info contact the education team on:  or 0300 111 8950

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA):  Are proud to be the oldest welfare charity around, eduating against animal cruelty by supporting teachers to develop informed, responsible and active citizens. Their website offers free training and support for professionals who work with children and young people. The RSPCA have created a selection of free lesson plans, to help teachers bring animal welfare issues to life in the classroom.

Early years lesson plans cover caring for pets, farm animals and wildlife helping ensure children learn about the needs of animals from an early age. They can even arrange for a volunteer speaker to visit your school and speak to key stage 2 pupils about animal welfare and the RSPCA.